It Takes A Village

“Originality is the essence of true scholarship. Creativity is the soul of the true scholar”
— Nnamdi Azikiwe

Do you recall that old proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child”? Every child needs guidance and support from others around them that will allow a child to flourish and become an individual that everyone can be proud of. Some children may not be as fortunate as others and seek guidance from outside sources that can help bring great knowledge and encouragement to succeed. Scholarships are created by many companies and organizations to assist students financially who are pursuing a higher educational degree. Scholarships can aid in covering many college expenses. That can help students to focus on their studies instead of having to carry the burden of figuring out how to afford college.


At Janie’s Emporium the inspiration behind countless ideas are dedicated to the late Miss Janie Taggart, who was the grandmother of the owner Alisha Taggart-Powell. As a powerful and successful entrepreneur, her spirit and values of education as well as self-sufficiency still live on through her granddaughter.  Miss Janie supported and encouraged her children to pursue an education. She created multiple business ventures such as owning and operating a hair salon, becoming an Avon representative and even selling Real estate. Alisha has been honoring those values of self-sufficiency by obtaining an education and receiving a full tuition scholarship in support of her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Buffalo. As a scholarship recipient, she was inspired to create a scholarship fund called the “Jane Taggart Legacy Scholarship Fund” in efforts to support high school aged students pursuing a college education. Starting a scholarship fund for students is important to Alisha because “it is an opportunity to open the doors to unlimited possibilities for our youth”.


“I believe it is my job and responsibility to be able to breathe life back into our communities”
— Alisha-Taggart-Powell

The Jane Taggart Legacy Scholarship Fund will award a Western New York high school student a partial scholarship as they pursue a four year degree. Students will need to have at least an 85% average and show promise in their future career.


“The scholarship is a way for my business to give back to our community” Alisha states. As local businesses are rooted into the community it is beneficial for them to show customers that they are reinvesting into that same environment that supports them. Through the scholarship, recipients are able to benefit in the long run which in return will create an opportunity for them to be able to pursue a degree. Receiving the Legacy Scholarship Fund will also give students a new sense of value as well as community because they will be made aware of all of the fundraising and other activities that was involved in supporting their education. Through in-house purchases at Janie’s Emporium, many of the proceeds collected will go towards funding the scholarship. Fundraising efforts for the scholarship fund will begin in January of 2018.


The future for the Jane Taggart Legacy Scholarship Fund is looking bright with hopes and visions of collaborating with other community based organizations. These efforts will contribute to our youth’s education and provide support and guidance as a village.


Written by Zahrea Anderson

Fashion Merchandising Intern

Suny Buffalo State